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Informations about our company and our philosophy

ALPHA OMEGA GROUP is always committed to provide the best quality services, whether it be in the marketing sector, sales, engineering, or consultancy. At ALPHA OMEGA, we utilize the combined expertise of our qualified professionals and infrastructures. Our company breathes sales and marketing. The proof of which can be seen in our services and the feedback of our satisfied customers. A complete set of ethical services and a legal code of conduct is the characteristic of our organization. That is the reason, we are dedicated towards providing the safe, fast, friendly, reliable, and professional services to our all customers. By providing these services, we show our commitment to establish the long-term partnerships with our associates, because we are very well aware of the fact that it is easy to sell for one time than to maintain a permanent customer. Innovative services and superior reliability are few of the many attributes that we hold as a company. Orders from existing and long-term customers constitute a major portion of our business. From this fact, you can estimate the level of customer satisfaction that is achieved by us as a company. ASAS is a rapidly developing group of companies that endeavors to serve its customers with the most elite services, which best suit their needs. ALPHA OMEGA GROUP achieves this by continually providing the customers with creative and customized solutions.

Work shops

Alpha Omega believes in the welfare of the employees and it conducts regular curricular and cocurricular workshops to boost the employee loyalty. By conducting these activities, our company delivers the message that each employee is more than just a number. Different fun workshops are organized by the company, in order to improve the correlation between executives and employees.

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Such workshops are also a good approach towards building a bond among employees and their co-workers. Alpha Omega Group chooses specialists to assist the employees in certain curricular and co-curricular activities. This leads to the mindfulness of employees and helps in continuing the legacy of company.

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Spacious, Unique Common Areas

We know that an organized and spacious office setup increases the productivity of employees and establishes the positive work environment. Alpha Omega Group provides the facility of state-of-the-art spacious workspace. Unique common rooms are available for the employees to relax outside the working hours.

Business-Class Printers

Offices of Alpha Omega Group are equipped with high-class printers, which provide a robust and reliable high-duty services. Employees can benefit from the data encryption and overwrite features of these business-class printers.

Free Refreshments

Along with providing the employees with necessary benefits, Alpha Omega benefits them with extra perks, like the free refreshments during the office hours. This proves our engagement in the well-being of our employees.

Private Phone Booths

How much of our time at the office is spent on phone calls? Probably 20 to 30 minutes? Alpha Omega has a solution for this problem and it offers private phone booths to the employees that minimizes the time spent disturbing other employees around them.

Events and tips

Weekly Happy Hours

Team building and team bonding activities are important for the employees. Alpha Omega Group ensures this by organizing certain events during or after the office hours. For employees, it provides a perfect opportunity to unwind with co-workers and friends.

Lunch + Learns

There are several gatherings, voluntary meetings and training sessions that are organized in our company, in order to give employees a break from the daily dose of work. Certain activities are organized during the lunch, in order to bring together the people across organization.

Networking Events

Along with carrying a poise of positivity among the employees, Alpha Omega promotes the networking events to be carried out at least once a week. Different seminars and discussions are held across the organization in this regard.

Office Hours

The company has a policy of working hours that will benefit the physical as well as mental health of employees.

Dedicated plesk

We provide a dedicated Plesk server at Alpha Omega Group. This server is the most reliable solution to meet the needs of customer self-administration.

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